Supplying Carpets

Whatever your carpet needs – we’re sure we can find the right carpet for you.

If you haven’t shopped around already – ask us for a sample and we’ll let you decide on what you want. We’ll be able to best advise on what the different carpets cost are in order to help you budget appropriately.

A site measure will help us know what you need. Carpets can come in different widths, depending on the type of carpet you choose. As well as this, some factory carpet shops may have off cuts that they have kept from previous jobs. Getting the best price for you will depend on your full requirements.

A single room usually requires the maximum width and length measurement for costing purposes.

If, for example, you room is ‘L’ shaped – you will have a small amount of carpet waste. (see image – “off-cut”).

Please note – you will be charged for the full width of the carpet – even if your room is narrower than the carpet supplied.

Most popular carpets come in 4.0 metre or 5.0 metre widths.
So if your room measures 3.0 metres x 6.0 metres (18 square metres). You will have to buy a carpet from the factory that is 4.0 metres x 6.0 metres (24 square metres in total – leaving 6 square metres being the off-cut).

Carpet lengths are cut off the rolls at the factory. The factory vary rarely take off-cuts back (unless they are of a size that could be used for other jobs). These off-cuts will be chargeable when calculating the size of the carpet required.

However, if you require a number of rooms and stairs – then the calculations for getting the right amount of carpet will take into account ‘off-cuts’ that could be used elsewhere (e.g. Stairs – narrow strips from the off-cuts). This in turn will minimise the amount of waste and give you greater value for your spend.

On occasions the factory shops have ‘end of line’ carpets that they want to sell, at a reduced price, to clear shelves and to get ready for new stock. This is something we could let you know about depending on your carpet choice.

All of the above will be discussed with you when we come out to measure and see what you need.

Darren White Carpeting and Fitting | 2019

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