Carpet Fitting

When you choose your carpets you want them to be fitted to a highest expected standard.

We pride ourselves in making sure you get a high quality service. Our philosophy is to do the best job we can so that our customers don’t have to call us back to rectify errors or mistakes.

To make that service the best it can be – we would always ask customers to speak to us before buying the carpets. There are many types of carpet – each one has a different way of being laid. Even the type of backing can have an effect on how it feels under foot when fitted. A lot of the carpets we work with have a high wool content. These are rated as 80/20 (80% wool). The carpets are more durable and softer under foot when fitted.

Then there is the underlay, budgets can dictate what’s best, but with so many underlays on offer, at various thicknesses – it might be best to discuss the various options to see what you can get for the budget you have. We pride ourselves in supplying British sourced underlay due to the high quality manufacturing process.

When buying carpets – FREE UNDERLAY might sound good, but it is likely that the underlay won’t be the best. It might feel comfortable when first fitted but after constant use it’s likely to lose it’s comfort sooner than you’d like. Paying a little more at the start of the job will give you a longer lasting carpet and comfortable feel under foot.

We offer the complete service of supplying and fitting carpets to rooms, landings, stairs and box rooms. 

See ‘Supplying Carpets‘ to see how we can assist with getting the right carpet for you. 

Darren White Carpeting and Fitting | 2019

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