Accessories are a vital part of the fitting service.
They include gripper rods, threshold plates, end plates and glued seams to join large carpets.

Gripper rails – help fix the carpet snugly to the walls or to the stairs. Sometimes these are glued if the floor finish is concrete or difficult to nail down into.

Door thresholds – these come in a variety of styles and more recently in a variety of colours. We will always show you both the standard thresholds and higher quality ones to let you decide on the best finish for your rooms.

End plates – these are used to finish carpets where the carpet doesn’t meet up with another carpet or door threshold.

Z-bar plates – used where the carpet finishes up to raised floors – such as floor tiles in a bathroom/kitchen.

Seams – on occasions rooms can be larger than the carpet width – in these instances we need to join two carpet edges together using a special seam strip that creates a strong join (as you can imagine patterned carpets will be harder to hide joins whereas plain coloured carpets are better at hiding the joins).

We will always discuss accessories with you when we come to measure the job and see what is required.

Stair Rods
Prestige Door Plates

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