Carpet fitting info

A quality finished product starts before the carpet is even fitted. Spending a little time getting the room ready before we arrive will help us minimise any issues during fitting.

What to do and look out for:
Take up and clear the room of any old carpet and underlay.

Sweep up all the debris and remove. Leaving debris on the floor will cause slight imperfections beneath the underlay and will give an uncomfortable feel when the carpet is fitted. Over time this will become more noticeable.

This is when you must decide if you want to keep your existing gripper or decide on replacing it with new. Most grippers are ok to use again. Badly damaged or loose gripper will need to be replaced/re-fitted. The carpet will come away from the wall edges if not replaced.

The gripper helps to keep the carpet stretched. If the gripper comes away, the carpet will slacken off and possibly leave ripples in your carpet.

Skirting boards:
With the carpet removed, this is the time to paint the skirting boards. BE CAREFUL not to catch your hands on the gripper nails – they are very sharp and will cut you if you rub your hands across them. TIP: Use some of the old carpet and place it over the gripper nails. You will be able to sand the skirting boards with less chance of getting cut. Use a vacuum to get up any sanded dust – otherwise this will collect onto your paintbrush when painting the skirting boards.

Empty the room the best you can. The ideal fit is having an empty room, but we appreciate this can’t always be done. Please be aware that heavy items may cause a problem for our fitter (especially if he is on his own). You will need to have someone on hand to help the fitter if you want the job completing on the booked day. If the items can not be moved – the fitting will not be done.

It isn’t unusual for the carpet fitter to take the doors off when fitting the carpets. Sometimes this is because it is easier to get the carpet fitted without the door getting in the way. More often than not the doors are removed because they will rub on the newly laid carpet. We always advise our customers to get the doors shortened, by a joiner, otherwise they will leave a worn patch on the carpet where you open and close the door.

Removal of old carpet and underlay:
A lot of customers ask if we will take the old carpet and underlay away.
You may think that because we have a van – it is easier for us to remove the rubbish. However, the local waste tips charge commercial users to dump their rubbish. It is cheaper for you, the customer, to take the rubbish to the tip. If you are removing the old carpet yourself – we advise you cut it into manageable strips that will fit into a car (same applies to the old underlay).

Darren White Carpeting and Fitting | 2019

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